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Author Topic: Setup issues
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Post Re: Setup issues
on: August 5, 2013, 02:46

Wow you really have that thing hauling!

that does not look like the motor you linked to, that one looks like the round 200 step per rev motor. If so, i do use that with the a4988 drivers, they can handle 2amps as long as you add a heat sink.

so the best way to figure out the best speed with the microstepping is to set THR in the calibration to 100, then go to cont and it should be microstepping so you can see how it affects the speed.

the 8.24v for logic seems high, the big easy only needs the higher input though, it should have a built in voltage regulator to knock it down to 5v for the logic.

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Post Re: Setup issues
on: August 12, 2013, 04:35

When I'm in micro-stepping mode none of the values make the motion smooth. I can see its moving much slower, I just cant dial in a value that doesn't skip or stall.
Everything else seem to work properly (except the farting noise from the motor every time it starts and stops.
My high speed setting is 80, low speed is 150.

Rob Turner

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