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Author Topic: LED Display
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Post LED Display
on: December 19, 2014, 23:04

Hi Chris, I was looking at the Chronos partlist and I was wondering if there is a cheaper alternative to the Sparkfun 7-segments 4 digit module. Here in Italy is about 16 euros and it is not easy to find. Furthermore, I did not quite understand if the potentiometers can be regular linear type pot or one of them must be like a selector, because it seems that one of the two pot's function is the selection of mode settings whilethe other sets value. I also tried the uploading of your firmware on a cheapy Arduin ProMini clone (ATmega328P) and it was successfull, so it seems that the LED Display module is the most expensive part of the control box ...

EDIT: May be this one can be a possible alternative? It is based on an TM1637 chip (library: and two signal lines, one for data IO and the other for clock.

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Post Re: LED Display
on: December 26, 2014, 20:33

Hey sorry for the delay, been a bit busy with the holidays and such.

So one of the wonderful things about the 7 segment display is it runs off serial commands and requires no libraries, so the code space needed to run it is minimal. I do not know if that other display will work, i would suspect not as the sparkfun displays have thier own atmegachip running them and have a serial interface

as for the potentiometers, they are both linear potentiometers and identical. You may be able to find some with detents but after burning a bunch of time finding a possible suitable one i gave up.

i have been tinkering with a multiaxis controller that uses a rotary encoder instead of a potentiometer, but the code for the chromotimer would have to take some substantial revisions to work with one of those.

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