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Author Topic: Camera not taking pictures after starting routine
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Post Camera not taking pictures after starting routine
on: October 26, 2016, 07:45

So I'm having a bit of a problem here...

I built a Chronos rail from scratch in 2013, following Chris's instructions on the website. I mostly stuck to his parts list, but living in Europe, I chose a metric approach. Hence, I had to find some metric equivalents for some parts. I used a 125 cm high quality Igus rail with a 125cm Igus lead screw because I wanted it to be a bit longer but still compact enough to bring it with me.

Truth is, I didn't actually finish building the rail and all until late 2014. I had ordered the bracket set (carriage, spacers, anti backlash nut bracket, front and end brackets) from Chris. I ended up having some problems because I had to combine my metric parts with the imperial threaded anti backlash nut bracket from Chris, so it took me some time to come up with a solution. Luckily, I got help from Chris as well as some other guy.

I also built the controller myself according to Chris's instructions. Unfortunately, something didn't work out. Maybe the stepper driver was defect or something. I sent the controller to the US and Chris had a look at it, but it wasn't fixable. So he sent me one of his original Chronos 2.0 controllers. Thanks for all the help again!

I never actually used the rail for any real projects, only thing I did was try it out. Soon after I (almost) finished building it, my living and working situation changed and I haven't really done ANY timelapse work since. Long story short, I'm selling it in the TImescapes board cause I don't want it to collect dust in the basement but would rather find someone who can use it and have fun with it.

I haven't used the rail out in the real world. I tested the rail and controller a few months ago and everything seemed to work well, the carriage moved and all, the stepping seemed to be precise. Only thing, the camera (Canon 6D) didn't take any photos when I started a routine. Actually, it took one single photo and the display went black as soon as I connected the remote cable to the Chronocontroller. The cable seemed to work fine when testing separately, the controller worked fine as well, maybe I was just doing something wrong, maybe someone out there knows what I'm doing wrong...

Is this a known Chronocontroller problem?

To Chris: I'm deeply sorry for having taken up so much of your time and ending up not using the Chronos for any real timelapse work after all. I really appreciated all your generous help and support while building the Chronos!

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