Biolapse Micro Filming Stage


This is a custom build system built to your specs, not a mass produced robot, lead times can be from 2-4 weeks depending on the requirements. To start this process please email me at for a free consultation.

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The images provided are for reference and not indicitave of the system you would receive.  This is a Made-To-Order system that will be custom built to your needs. The actual price is not guaranteed and an estimate will be provided once the requirements for the build are determined. 

While working on Green Planet we had a need for a system that could work with small macro subjects and perform extreme high precision macro filming including timelapse, video, focus stacked timelapse, and even photogrammetry captures.

Rather than trying to build a robot to move around a subject I build several robots with small shooting stages that can move the subject. The Micro Filming Stage is designed as two parts that work together.

Camera Riser – This 4 axis portion controls the Pan/Tilt/Focus/Lift for positioning the camera.
Shooting Stage – This is a 3 axis stage for the subject. Capable of payloads of 35lbs, it has an X/Y leadscrew positioning as well as Rotate to move the plater to/from/side-side/spin.

The combination of these two systems allow for a high level of accuracy and subject manipulation.

Powered by Dragonframe Stop Motion Animation this system is capable of timelapse, stop motion, stacked timelapse, 3d photogrammetry filming and more.