Biolapse ST


Biolapse Studio timer, used to coordinate intervals with scheduled relay events.


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Expect about 1 week lead time as these are all made to order.


  • Biolapse Studio Timer
  • Power cable
  • USB cable
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Biolapse Studio Timer.

This is the latest iteration of my studio controllers. This is the cumulation of 10 years of filming plants in my studio, and while I still use my older timers this is the only version I will be making moving forward. The point of these is to offer the ability the control lights, pumps, timers for various timelapse purposes, provide day/night scheduling of growlights and more. Integrating the outlet has made this an all in 1 unit, simple to use.

  • Interval Ramping
    • Either change the interval directly or add a target interval spread across however many intervals to gradually ramp to the new interval, and even an option to delay the adjustment by x frames.
  • Camera Triggering
    • Adjustable parameters for trigger including pre-taps, and duration.
    • Connect via USB to trigger to control Dragonframe intervals.
  • Relay Control
    • Schedule relay events with 2 relays to turn on and off anything from grow lights, fill lights, water pumps, misters, etc
    • Select relays as Normally Open or Normally Closed
    • Assign scheduled overrides to allow for day/night schedules, etc.



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