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Download  < DIN-8 Pinout diagram.

The heart of the Chronos system is the Chronocontroller featuring ChronosTimer 1.3.1 time lapse engine.  This can also be setup to control any stepper driven timelapse system, including rotational axis and lens controllers.


Controller Features

  • Simple to use interface using the Chronos 2.0 software package makes setup extremely fast and intuitive, even when programming complex movement patterns.
  • No dealing with “Inches per minute” and Interval count to determine the number of shots. Rather you just tell Chronos 2.0 how many shots to take and how far to move.
  • Easy to understand movement patterns ensure predictability.
  • 255 levels of display brightness control.
  • Controls a single stepper motor up to 2.0amps/phase.
  • Sync ability gives the controller the ability to synchronize up to external timing sources making the chrono controller 100% compatible with external intervalometers, bulb rampers, and other motion control equipment.
  • Replacable motor driver chip
  • 7 Segment LED can operate in -40 degree weather without freezing or becoming sluggish.

Timelapse Motion control

  • Symmetrical Velocity ramping 5% – 50% (1% increments)
  • Asymmetrical Velocity ramping 5-95% (1 % increments)
  • Non ramped movements
  • Repeat routine 0-9 times from end
  • Repeat routine 0-9 times from beginning
  • Run routine then rewind to beginning and wait
  • Repeat movement pattern in reverse with symmetrical ramping adjustment
  • Repeat movement pattern in reverse with asymmetrical ramping adjustment
  • WSM Shooting display shows Shots taken, Shots remaining, Time elapsed, Time remaining.
  • Shot Delay/ Lead-in of 0-1000 shots
  • Step counting to provide perfect repeat ability
  • Live Ramp mode enables direct real time control of movement ramping for timelapse sequences
  • Drift mode give the camera a natural sway.
  • 66 Movement profiles with adjustable delays, shots, buffers, bulb timers, distance to build a virtually endless amount of movement routines.


Live motion Control

  • Real time continuous motion control for real time dolly movements (requiring a dolly setup with a motor/drivetrain capable of realtime moves)
  • Assignable virtual limit switches and instant A-B Keyframe distance scaling.

Camera control

  • Intervalometer 1 second to 1 hour intervals
  • Bulb Exposure control 1 second to 1 minute.
  • After shot buffer of .1 to .9 seconds
  • Number of shots per routine = 30 to 9,999
  • Metric to Standard conversion
  • HDR trigger to gather 3 frames per interval.
  • Shutter signal Pass-through or Block
  • Camera Nudge to wake up a camera right before it shoots.

Configurable adjustments

  • Calibration Mode makes it easy to enable Chronos 2.0 controller to work with other stepper motors
  • Adjustable distance scales to work with rails up to 3 meters in length
  • Configurable scale to understand distance on a variety of drive-trains
  • Adjustable microstepping threshold
  • Reverse motor direction and limit switch locations
  • Set motor speeds for Position mode, Microstepping speed, and timelapse motion speed.
  • Set Continuous motor speed limits to prevent the accidental skipping of steps due to too much speed.
  • Rotational Axis Optimization includes distance to Degrees adjustment and constant microstepping.

Additional Information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 8 x 10 x 12 in
The Chronos Project | Time Lapse Motion Control