Sourcing Parts

I thought it would be nice to add a list of good places to pick up parts. I encourage anyone to send links to places overseas that can be a good source of parts and i will update them on here.  <– DIY Cable building,  This has been an invaluable resource.

USA Parts.    This is an excellent place to purchase any sort of gears, pullys, bearings, belts, speed reducers, etc.  They have about the best selection i have seen.  Excellent resource for various electronic parts. I have done a lot of business with sparkfun and highly recommend them.  Good resource for motors and sensors DC motors, Servos, hubs, bushings, brackets, etc. Good resource for electronic parts, this is where I get all my DB-9 connectors.   Small selection of some good hardware.  Great resource for linear bearings.


Alternate parts list for Europe by Fabian.

Fabian has been working on this build and was awesome enough to track and link all the parts he sourced. The lead-screw and anti backlash nut are of a different design and would require modifications to the brackets in case you bought a set from Kyle.


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