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These DIY kits are designed to simplify the build process. You can still build one using the Chronocontroller Construction Manual found here Download, these kits however will eliminate a lot of the wiring with a pre-fabbed protoshield and make things much easier.


Alternate parts list for Europe by Fabian.

Fabian has been working on this build and was awesome enough to track and link all the parts he sourced. The lead-screw and anti backlash nut are of a different design and would require modifications to the brackets in case you bought a set from Kyle.


 Excellent Resource for building your own cables


Chronos HD parts list, USA.

This is an updated parts list. Thank you and good luck! 🙂
Machined parts from Kyle.

If you are interested in getting the pre-cut brackets kyle will sell sets of these. $220 for the set, this includes the end bracket, motor mount, carriage, spacers, and antibacklash nut bracket. As for the Controller, for $70 kyle can provide you the same standard puzzlebox enclosure we use. This is laser cut and with laser etched markings. There are 2 styles of this, the older large button style, as well as the new ChronoShield enclosure.

Optional parts. We have finished the ChronoShields. They work wonderfully and provide a relatively simple all in one solution for the electronics. The Chronoshield plugs onto the top of the Arduino, just add the code and you have a working ChronoController. The Chronoshield contains both 3.5mm jacks, the DB9 plug, screw terinals for alternate connections, the display, buttons, potentiometers, etc.
If you are interested in any of those parts or have any questions contact us at

Rail parts

——————-MOTOR…. Chose one of 3——————–
Motor 1 125oz in Stepper motor. This is the most efficient power wise, but it is also the weakest. This is the motor I origionally started out with and have been using untill now. This is a fine motor, but it is a bit pricey, an while it is weaker it uses less power, but is still strong enough to lift 15lbs vertically. The max speed on this motor is about 120RPM and takes about 5 min to move the carriage end to end.

Motor 2 This motor is way more powerful than the first, and less expensive, and doubles the resolution of movement. This motor can be used just fine. This will require an adjustment on the code however because of the fact it runs 400 steps per revolution instead of 200. The latest code i am working on will make this an easy matter to set on the controller itself, older than 2.1 code will need to have this adjusted in the coding itself, i am more than happy to help with this. This motor can run at about 350 RPM, nearly doubles the top speed. (Still to slow for video)

THIS MOTOR WAS DISCONTINUED. I will try to find some good replacements.

Motor 2 Requires a heat sink for the stepper driver chip. Heat Sink

Motor 3  is going to be the new standard and what we use on the Chronos HD rails. it can get a top speed of about 450RPM, (still to slow for video), it is very strong, and does not require adjustment in the code for the number of steps per revolution. I have used this one and it is very very powerful, while it does use far more power, it ONLY uses power when it is moving, or when microstepping. But for most routines it is only on for brief periods and should still last a long time on a 4800mah battery.

Looks like Motor 3 was discontinued, as a replacement I recommend checking this site,

Specifically This Stepper Motor

Requires a heat sink for the stepper driver chip. Heat Sink


Here are three more alternatives that are worth looking at, and will cost less. To be fair, i have NOT used any of these, but any one of them should work fine.

Most powerful

Most efficient

Good in-between selection. I would probably go for this one


1 Lead screw from 1/4in Acme RH 20tpi

1 Anti Backlash nut from 1/4 RH 20tp1

1 Igus Rail + 4 Bearings

1 1/4 to 1/4 coupling

2 limit switches

1 1/4in shaft collar

1 Bearings – Position 1/4″ Lead Screws

1 DB9 connector Male

1 DB9m connector Female

1 DDb9 connector hood

-The Following can be found at most Hardware stores.
1/4 Heat shrink tubing

1/16 Heat Shrink Tubing

Six 10-32 x 1/2in Machine screws, motor to housing, anti backlash nut housing to carriage.
Four 2-56 x 3/8in Machine screws for limit switches

Four 3/8-16 x 1/2in Button screws to connect brackets to the rail

8x 8mm screws for carriage. These should come with the Igus Rail

SIX M3 – .5 X8 buttonhead screws for antibacklash nut to housing, and arduino to control box


Control box

If you want to go hard-core and built your own controller, here is a list of parts. There is a document that includes step by step directions on how to build this in the download section.
If you want a Chronoshield, none of this is needed except the Arduino.
16 header pins for stepper driver. Usually comes with the Polulu Driver
28 header pins for the arduino shield

1 7 segmenmt serial enabled LED display

Just a note about the new Sparkfun displays, these are flawed as they have current limiting resistors which knock the max brightness down by more than half, the old ones did not have this flaw.  Sparkfun claims these are a better design because of the resistors and I disagree with this because they are next to useless in daylight conditions.  To fix this you just need to get a tube of thier conductive paint and paint over each resistor and it then will show max brightness. Sparkfun claims this design is intentional, i went back and forth with them because it protects against something that can not even happen in the first place, and the result is a dim display and lets face it, if the display cannot be read then what is the point in it? The green are the worst. Anyway, paint over the resistors as shown and they will be at least twice as bright.

2 3.5mm stereo jacks

2 1k potentiometers

4 Buttons, if ordering a box from us it comes with buttons

1 foot strip of velcro

26 gauge Hookup wire, whatever colors you want

Used to wire limit switches and protoboard if using an Arduino instead of a ChronoController.

1 Polulu A4988 stepper driver chip

1 Arduino Uno R3

1 Arduino Protoshield

1 Optoisolator

4 100ohm resistors

4 10k ohm resistors

1 390 ohm resistor

1 220 ohm resistor

1 2.2k ohm resistor

Thank you!
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