Can Tossers


These can tossers can easily be modified to toss just about any object repeatably and accurately. Email me at for any questions or customization requests.

NOTE:  Please expect a lead time of up to 10 days, possibly longer depending on any customization. Upon receiving the order I will reach out with an estimate of completion and will provide updates during the build.
Customization is available and could potentially increase the cost depending on the scope, contact me for details.
Minor customizations are included in the price.


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Spring powered electromagnetically triggered can tossers.

At a 45 degree angle will lob a can in the air repeatably approx 4 feet up elevation and 10 feet away. By adjusting the pull of the springs you can increase/decrease the power for repeatable tosses every time.

Note, this requires the use of the Flair Relay Inverter to properly sync up with Flair.

Made from PVC, steel, and Polycarbonate. Includes can sleeves to fit a variety of standard can sizes.  Custom sleeves can be made to fit your particular needs. Email with any questions.


  • Can Tosser
  • 3 Can sleeves of varying sizes for common sized cans
  • Power supply
  • Trigger cable

(Tripod not included)

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1 Tosser, 2 Tossers, 3 Tossers, 4 Tossers, 1 Tosser + Relay Inverter, 2 Tossers+ Relay Inverter, 3 Tossers + Relay Inverter, 4 Tossers + Relay Inverter