Stormbreaker Solar Slider


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Originally designed for a project for Bayer, this is the worlds first ultra long term solar powered motorized slider. With scheduling abilities to match capture rate on the long term enclosure, this season can create parallax movement on seasonal or yearly captures.

This system was designed to withstand the elements. Made from aluminum rails with powder coated steel and polycarbonate, it is designed to withstand extreme weather.

With a slider travel distance of 7.5 feet, these rails can easily work with payloads up to 50lbs on angles of 15 degrees.

Controls and power are housed in a heavy duty weatherproof case with sealing washers to ensure the electronics and batteries stay dry in any conditions.

Interval options include both free running intervals and Time-of-Day shooting. The system works out all the math for you, just tell the system the hours of day you wish to be filming, the number of images, and the distance to travel.

50w Solar panel with a generous battery power supply and power saving mode and a self braking motor ensure lasting power for the most demanding project.

Note, this system does NOT include a Biolapse LT, but can be bundled with a Biolapse LT for an additional $1299.99. However if you already have long term enclosure, this slider can match up and work with any long term timelapse system. Simply ensure the clocks are synced and ensure the shooting schedule for the rail and timelapse enclosure match.  With longer intervals there is no need to have a direct communication between the enclosure and rail.

The units seen in the images were ordered to be a specific angle for the client, with this sort of build customization to a degree is expected, and these can be tailored to the needs of your production. These systems are not kept in stock and may require 10-14 day lead time to build and ship.


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