Solar powered long term enclosure

Biolapse LT

“After 40 years of filming timelapse these rigs have opened a whole new world for us” – Tim Shepard, Director of Timelapse Photography, The Green Planet”

Welcome to my shop. For the last 10 years I have been designing and building equipment ranging from large multi axis motion control systems, to timelapse housings, to various studio control systems and timers, and recently some flair integration systems. I am always happy to take on new engineering challenge, if you have a need for a custom built system email me at

In the mean time, here are some of the systems I have built in the past that I have decided to build on demand. A lot of time and engineering went into these projects and I am happy to re-create them for anybody interested in purchasing.


Al these systems are built by myself on a made-to-order basis, some lead time should be expected. Due to the manufacturing process (Me building everything in my workshop) I do my best however it should be accepted that the occasional blemish may be present.